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    In December of 2017, ICON will welcome the 20th year of its founding. And in that time, our undertaking of free thinking to realize the development, introduction, and furthering of new ideas under the banner of "well-being through technology" has not wavered since our inception.

    We have strived to cultivate a rich culture of product development that has led us to solutions for searchable, encryption protected data systems. Safeguarding information without incident for 15 years, ours is a record of reliability. We carry a deep portfolio of proprietary data security products, and together with related industry technologies and paperless integration, we have created a high value system to digitally encrypt paper media that enables rapid discovery without encrypted information classification.

    To realize a prosperous future through technology, we have taken a stance of total integration, to include not only our programming software, but hardware products and services. And now we are venturing to build opportunities for children so that they may enjoy programming in the effort to accelerate the creation of new ideas, and value that will ultimately carry the future forward. To achieve this, we hope to produce an unprecedented vision for toy robots, through which even young children can experience the concepts of programming.

    Expect forward looking technology with ICON.

    March 2017
    Toshiko Tsuchiya
    ICON Corpration