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Company Events / 2017

Company Events / 2017

  • June 2017

    KUMIITA Reception Party

    We held a reception party of "KUMIITA" just before the rainy season.

    Many people gathered on the day and celebrated grandly.
    "KUMIITA" is so adorable that it was a perfect target for camera shooting.

    This time the president Tsuchiya made healthy dishes behaved and was well received by the participants.
    There was a festival at Yokohama Harbor and the fireworks were also beautiful.

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  • May 2017

    Yoga Lesson

    We joined the yoga lesson. It was a bit chilly even in early summer on the day.

    We received guidance from a teacher of yoga, performed various poses, carefully breathing. Yoga is able to train inner muscle by taking various postures, it seems that it is effective for dieting.

    After the exercise, we had a dinner party with the yoga teacher. This time it was Chinese food. It was a fun time to talk about this yoga experience roughly.

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  • January 2017

    New Year's party

    All the employees gathered together and held a big party for the New Year.
    We prepared a warm meal and delicious drinks using catering service.

    In addition, Tsuchiya president received a nutritious food with a healthy effect. She values her employee's health.

    The main event was a magic show using trumps and coins by magicians. We saw an amazing magic trick about one hour.