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Robot Technolgies

ICON Corp. will conduct robotic technology research and robot product development.

  • Possibility of Robot


    In the past, robot technology has been active as a "machine tool" that is responsible for assembly work of automobiles and the like which need only perform predetermined movements, mainly for industrial robots, and manufacture of precision instruments that are difficult with human hands.

    Furthermore, in recent years, focus has been gathered on "disaster support" robots that can be remote controlled, where people are expected to be active in dangerous disaster sites in order to work.

    Recently, in addition to advances in robot engineering, research and development on autonomous robots that stand between people and communicate and self-judge by virtue of advances in AI technology has been actively conducted.

    We focus on robots that touch such people.
    The robot we think is not simply a tool to support humans, but we think that they are people who are close to life and can cheer and consult. In addition, when we are in trouble, we want to realize a partner robot which can become a "best friend" who will reach out our hands, and we are developing research on a daily basis.

  • Customer Target

    [For Children]

    Our robot aims to provide robot toys for children as a programming teaching material for interest in robots and enhancing interest in IT technology.

    [For single or elderly people]
    Lonely & melancholy

    Our robot aims to change consciousness from solitude to happiness

  • Recent Schedule


    In 1Q of 2017, we sell robots that can learn programming for children 0-3 years old.

    For the beginning, we will procure advance funds (recruitment supporters) at the American private cloud funding site "Kickstarter".
    With the prototype at the above site, we announce the commercialization project and aim for commercialization and mass production of the project.

    When the project is successful, we plan to conduct general sales around the world after analyzing market needs etc.

    In the future we plan to sell to a wide range of age groups.

    This product page is here. / kumiita.com