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System Construction

ICON Corporation has extensive development experience on database system, client server system, Internet, intranet system construction.
Based on these many system construction results, we will respond accurately to customers' diverse needs.

Main development results will be listed below.

  • Business system and web application for securities

    • Development and testing of applications running on the server
    • Development and operation of database applications
    • Web application development and testing
    • Network fault, monitoring correspondence
    • Windows Server
    • MySQL
    • C, C++, C#, Java, etc.
    • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ASP(VBScript)
  • Sales supportsystem for life insurance

    • System design, development and testing
    • Database design, construction, operation
    • Solaris(UNIX)
    • Oracle
    • Pro*C, C, VB
  • Business system for financial institutions

    • Development and testing of Web applications
    • Development of new systems and existing systems
    • Windows, Windows Server
    • SQL Server
    • Java, VBA, VB.NET