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Security Solutions

ICON Corp. develops security products and services. Here I will introduce them.

  • Paperless encryption system (abbreviated as "P.E.S.")

    Paperless Encryption System

    Do you want to eliminate paper documents to prevent information leakage?

    Information management in paper by corporate groups and companies has come to its limits. Therefore, what we would like to propose is a system that digitizes securely, encrypts it, decrypts it and searches it.

    Our "paperless encryption system" provides the following functions.

    • Scan paper documents with document scanner and convert them into PDF files
    • Encrypt and save file using our company's encryption library
    • Encrypted keyword search without decrypting at high speed, listing found files
    • Decrypt the specified file and return it to the original PDF file

    This technology has also been adopted by local governments in Japan and has a proven track record.
    Please inquire in detail.

  • my-DB®


    "my-DB" is a SaaS service. It runs on a web browser on the Internet or on the company intranet.

    We propose a cloud solution that companies and organizations can safely store personal information handled in "My Number" in Japan and "Social Security Number" in the United States. With our proprietary encryption technology, personal information linked to "Social Security Number" is safely stored in the database on the cloud.

    Also, when searching for information from the database, you can narrow down and search only the necessary items. At this time, the search word is encrypted, it searches in the encrypted state, and only the found word is decrypted. When searching, there is no need to decrypt it, so you can find information faster. This is our proprietary technology (patented), and it is a strength.

    [Operation management]
    • It is compatible with languages around the world and all information can be encrypted.
    • Information is transmitted by SSL-VPN connection with high security and stored on the cloud server.
    • The cloud server will be operated on a data center (Tier 4) meeting the world's highest level of "confidentiality", "safety" and "availability".
    • The backup data is always encrypted and it is robust.
    • It is effective for information leakage prevention by "SQL Injection".
    • High performance searching is possible with encryption.
    • Since the encryption key itself is also encrypted, it does not give crackers any clue for decryption.